Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I would like to build a fence and paint the house. How do I proceed?
    First step is to gather your information on materials to be used, paint color, height, etc. Then send the information to the board so they can review it at their next meeting. If you need an answer faster, e-mail the information to the Secretary and they will arrange a special vote. Also, check out the Restrictions to be sure what you want to do is allowed.. The City of Shawnee also has specific codes that affect fence construction.
  2. It snowed last - when will the Association shovel my driveway?
    Your Homes Association isn’t responsible for plowing your driveway, your sidewalk or your street. If you have questions about snow removal please contact the city. The department of public works contact information is here.
  3. How much is my annual assessment?
    Annual assessments are $450 for 2017, and are due on January 31st of each year.
  4. My neighbor isn't following the subdivision rules, what do I do?
    First, try talking to your neighbor about it. They may not be aware of the rules they’re violating (although they are still obligated to follow them). If, after making them aware of the rule that’s being broken they still insist on being a bad neighbor, contact the Board. They will validate that a restriction is not being followed and take appropriate action to enforce compliance.
  5. What if I don't use the pool, can I decrease my annual assessment?
    No, the pool benefits the entire community.
  6. What does my annual assessment pay for?
    The annual assessment pays for your trash and recycling pickup, common area maintenance and landscaping, the pool, and a small amount for social events.
  7. What happens if I don't pay my annual assessment?
    The community works because everyone pays their share. We will be very patient and send several payment reminders each year. We assess a $50 late fee for payments received after January 31st. For 2006, we’re continuing an incentive to increase annual meeting attendance and waiving the $50 late fee if the annual assessment is paid at the annual meeting. If you are facing a crisis, contact the Treasurer and we’ll try to work something out. Ultimately, if payment is not made a lien will be placed on your home.
  8. I don't like some of our neighborhood rules, how do I change them?
    Start by being elected to the Board or working on a Committee. Also, check out the Bylaws to see how changes can be made.