​​Resident Rules

  • The pool closes at 10:00 PM. Please respect your neighbors near the pool and leave at that time.

  • The pool is for residents in good standing of Deerfield Trace and their guests. The pool cards are issued for the purpose of regulating who enters our pool. If you do not have a card or your card does not work, you should resolve that issue with the pool committee ([email protected])

  • If you do have a working card, please do not give pool access to those without cards. This is a liability issue, as well as, an issue of space for residents that have paid for the use of the pool.

  • The water hose is strictly for the use of those who maintain our pool. Every little bit helps with the water bill, thanks!

  • Anyone under the age of 14 is to be accompanied by an adult. Respect your neighbors by not expecting them to supervise your children. Any complaints of “rough housing” are usually directed at unsupervised youths.

The responsibility of following the rules lies with the residents.The responsibility of policing the pool also belongs to the residents. If you are confronted, please be respectful of others.Ignored requests can be brought to the attention of the board or Shawnee Police.
The people who maintain our pool do so at a very fair price. Please treat them respectfully by picking up after yourself at the pool.

Pool Information

If you are new to the neighborhood and don’t
have a pool card, please contact us. If you have
lost your card, replacement cost is $25.00